The Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County and its Social Justice Alliance warmly welcome the new Presidential Administration and new Congress, and sincerely hope that our country and people will be able to overcome the major challenges facing us.

First of all, there should be no place for violence or any attempt to disrupt the orderly and democratic transition to the new administration. We are confident that our judicial system and institutions of law and order will ensure that the laws be enforced.  However, the sad and tragic events of January 6, 2021 give us pause.  It was sad to see the use of the religious symbols of Christianity being used in violent forms of political expression.  The anti-Jewish and anti-Muslim expressions and rhetoric threaten the safety, well-being and lives of so many of our citizens.  Because of these unfaithful uses of religion and religious symbols in the public square, we feel that Interfaith communities and organizations must address this issue of religious intolerance in our society.

We wish to extend support to the measures taken and announced plans of the new Administration regarding immigration, the environment and the Corona Virus pandemic.

We welcome the Administration’s decision to terminate the measures of the previous administration against the entry into the United States of Muslims from certain countries.  We hope that the new policy on immigration will reflect the fact that our country has welcomed refugees from all over the world.  We call on our membership to increase their ministries of help and support to the many immigrants who may begin again to enter our country.

We are grateful for the serious and scientifically based approach to the pandemic.  It is important for us to participate and cooperate with World organizations in combatting the catastrophe that is Covid-19.  We call on faith leaders of every stripe to share the care and compassion of their traditions, while adhering to the best practices that decrease the spread of the virus in their meetings, service and sharing of resources.

We also hope that Congress will act soon on the proposals of the Administration in providing relief and resources for the poor and the needy as well as stimulating the economy.  We hope that they can also help those states, counties and cities financially whose budgets have been decimated by their duties to care for their citizens.

Above all, we are most grateful for the “tone” of voice of the New Administration.  We know that policy and political differences are a part of the fabric of government, but we pray that such differences do not preclude respect, understanding, and the art of compromise.

We appeal to various faith, cultural, and civic organizations to come forward in support of humanitarian policies offered by any of our elected leaders.  Good government must be influenced by a sincere desire for the common good of all, and the needs of the poor in particular.  Government must not be reduced to expedient political antics at the expense of what is just, moral, and beneficial.

Finally, we applaud the efforts being made to reclaim our nation’s place as part of our global human family.  We live on one earth, as part of one human family, responsible for the care of the Earth, the proper use of resources, and the dignity of each and every person.

Sincerely, the Governing Board of ICCCC and our Social Justice Alliance


Download the file here: A NEW DAY 3-6-21