Thanks to all of those who came out for the Interfaith Peace Vigil in Walnut Creek Monday evening.

We estimated that 300 participated and we had enough to have people at all four corners of two intersections on Civic Dr. in downtown Walnut Creek.

After our Interfaith prayers and songs, we mentioned providing some links to help us all connect with the opportunities for future work and support for those in Charlottesville who need our help.

Here are national groups at the forefront of organizing around racial justice:

Here is an important article that describes the place of Anti-Semitism among White Supremacists and why we need to address it along with the other forms of Ideological Violence:

Bring a conversation about racial justice to your congregation. The following are some great places to start:

For white people, it is very important to do some internal work as we are engaging externally in our congregations or communities around racial justice. Here are a few great resources for those of us who are white:

Just as we share during our Defusing Hatred Program, it’s good to know some best practices around using your phone to document hate crimes and ideological violence.