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A webinar to learn how to use the courts to stop the oppression of your loved ones.

Sue The Oppressors of

Kashmiris, Uighurs, Rohingyas

There are international human rights mechanisms to go after individuals, companies, and governments who are involved in or benefit from persecution. Our lawyers have already filed on behalf of the Rohingya victims in the International Criminal Court. Kashmiris, Uighurs, Rohingyas and their allies need to learn about the range of legal options available to them. 

Join the webinar.

Nov. 6 • 3 PM EST

2 PM CST & 12 PM PST

Expert Lawyers
Two experts in international law and human rights: Ambassador Arsalan Suleman and Christina Hioureas, both of whom have an extensive background in human rights litigation, will provide options for legal action.

Who should attend
The webinar should be attended by:

● Anyone working on the Kashmir, Rohingya, or Uighur causes;

● Anyone working in a human rights organization or in the broader human rights arena;

● Anyone who is interested in deepening their knowledge of these areas.


The webinar is free. However, registration is required to qualify: tinyurl.com/LegalSoundVision