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Mystical wisdom is the difference between information and transformation.
Join “accidental mystic” Mary Reed for an unforgettable evening of dialogue and Q&A.
An agnostic, Mary began an uncontrollable mystical journey 18 years ago, going back through humanity’s evolution from the origins of existence to where humanity is heading now.
In 2011 she left her executive job for a monastic life in the Himalayas. Today she embodies, reflects, and nourishes in others the remembrance of Divine truth that is awakening in us all.
Her unfathomable experiences are both an invitation and a roadmap to exploring the ancient wisdom within us. Mary’s Divine perspectives usher us into visceral recognition of our Oneness, startling the mind and wildly exciting the heart.
In her book, Unwitting Mystic, Mary says this: Today I know change is coming and it is not the conflict-centered, fear-driven story of Armageddon. It is love like we’ve never dared to imagine. I see this love with absolute certainty: it is coming. In fact, it is arriving more and more every day…in people everywhere.
After her presentation, Mary will meet guests and sign copies of her book.