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Building the New World 2020:
From Personal to Global Transformation

COVID-19 has made it clear that things will not go back to normal, but it’s taken the work of Cooperation Circles to remind us that the work carries on for peace and justice.  Our communities know how to adapt and continue to make a difference.  Cooperation Circles are working on hosting kick-offs online that are bringing leaders and communities together to inspire us and remind us of our collective power. Check them out below!

Many believe that it is no longer feasible to reform our institutions, due to rampant corruption, corporate greed, and cultural decay. Rather than waste time attempting to rehabilitate broken systems, this conference will focus on a complete transformation – in every Sector of Society.

Based on the Wheel of Co-Creation designed by futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard, BTNW 2020 will be led by Social Architects in every Sector. Attendees will network with peers around the world and be empowered to manifest the New World – one that works for everyone! Join people of good conscience and positive ACTION to learn how YOU can assist the Paradigm Shift.

  • WHEN: Saturday, September 19 thru Sunday, November 1, 2020 at various dates and times
  • WHERE: Zoom
  • COST: Subsizied Price for URI Members: $25

Want to register? Registration is now open and we hope to see many of you there! For more information, including list of speakers, schedules, and more, please visit https://btnw.world.