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Our neighbors, the Second Baptist Church’s home is under threat of falling into the Alhambra Creek.  It’s a long story as to how this has come to past.  However the long and the short of it is that due to the debris accumulation in the Creek creating a water buildup, the soil of the bank the church sits on is slowly erroding away.
A brief history of the church as told to Judie and I was that it is the first African-American church of Martinez and was started in the basement of the founders home.  After a number of years of fundraising, they were able to purchase the building on Las Juntas between Mellus and Green were they are still located.
The Church is hosting a pot luck BBQ for all of the volunteers afterwards and you are invited to bring a dish.  The cleanup is sponsored by not only the Church, but the Freinds of Alhambra Creek, Contra Costa Resource Preservation District and the Alhambra Watershed Council.  Email Heidi Petty Watershed Coordinator at hpetty@ccrcd.org or call 510 478-7402 to RSVP.  Please see attached flyer for more information.
Thank You in Advance,
Joseph Palmer
MHS Board Director
MHS Martinez Cemetery Committee Chair
Potter’s Field Project Coordinator