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“Unity in Adversity: Embracing a Foreign Land As My Own”  Marianne and Mike Irwin

Marianne, a 22 year old German, volunteered as a missionary to Nicaragua. She went there on faith alone — with little preparation in language and knowing no one there. Relying on God’s guidance, she discovered a lifestyle and a people she had never imagined existed. Trouble arose with a brewing revolution and she was caught in the middle of it. She saw the way forward — working underground. She faced challenges from the outside but also from within. Marianne managed not only to survive, but found the love of her life and created a beautiful family and community in her adopted country.
Her adventures did not stop there. Her husband Michael was called, and then the whole family, to adopt a new home in Siberia, and later in Jamaica. Marianne and Michael now live in San Lorenzo and they are still very much connected with the people in their mission countries.