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Rescheduled for February, 2020.

In light of the “Othering” and lapse of empathy in our world today, we feel called to respond. This year’s Compassionate Storytelling will focus on honoring our own identities and valuing the identities of those we might call ‘other’. Together we are learning to share stories and build bridges of compassion and common ground across different traditions, cultures and belief systems.

We invite you to nourish your belonging and promote healing in our diverse community.

Program Agenda
  • Opening and Introductions
  • Transformational Storytelling – Fundamentals
    A review of the fundamentals of how stories transform us when told with the proper intent and skill.  Includes theoretic underpinnings and practical guidance.
  • Story Crafting:
    – “This is me”

    A hands-on experience in eliciting and crafting short stories in small groups.
     –  “This is them”
    A hands-on experience in crafting a story to encounter the Other.
     – “This is us”
    A hands-on experience co-creating a future story (vision) in community for families, congregations and the community at large.
  • Planning Next Steps / Shared Gratitudes