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Dear Friends,

This is your last chance to learn more about the new Charitable Feeding Laws in Contra Costa County!

Your faith community plays an important role in addressing hunger in our Contra Costa County community.

The Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County (ICCCC) has been asked to conduct an assessment for the Lesher Foundation, to collect data on how the new state and local food preparation laws and rules have impacted the ability of the faith community to respond to hunger in our community.

By focusing on the faith organizations that are doing significant and ongoing amount of food prepa- ration (involving cooking and hands-on food preparation) for the county, the ICCCC will assess the status of the faith organizations’ abilities to meet the new regulations for Charitable Feeding Facil- ities (CFF).

The focus of the assessment will be to discern those faith organizations that already meet the re- quirements, those that do not but have a plan and capacity to obtain the resources to do so, and those organizations that would need significant upgrades and resources in order to continue their food ministry. For this latter group, the assessment will include information on the needs in terms of kitchen upgrades and staff training to meet the new requirements.

We are inviting your faith organization to be a part of our assessment with the hope that you may benefit from the assessment’s findings such as preparing a facility application, food safety classes, staff training, and/or the assessment of what it would take to bring your food preparation facility up to the Charitable Feeding Facility code so that you may again serve those in need of meals.

ICCCC is offering a Congregational Food Preparation meeting with a representative from the Contra Costa County Health department, on October 14th, from 1pm to 3pm at the First Christian Church of Concord, 3039 Willowpass Rd., Concord.  This meeting will include the new January 2019 laws for Charitable Feeding Facilities and information on the ICCCC assessment for the Lesher Foundation.

Please contact Diane Maltester if you are interested in attending this informal meeting or if you are interested in being a part of the ICCCC assessment.

Diane Maltester
ICCCC Project Leader


Rev. Will McGarvey Executive Director

ICCCC Food Prep Letter Letter above in pdf


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Limited Service Charitable Feeding Organization User Guide Introduction




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