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The California Values Act (SB 54), an urgent bill that would stop state resources from being used to aid Trump’s hateful anti-immigrant agenda, is in trouble.(1) And your State Senator, Steven Glazer, is a key vote in making sure SB 54 survives intact.

Click here to call Senator Glazer and tell him to support the CA Values Act.

Donald Trump’s rampant immigration raids are terrorizing our immigrant friends, neighbors, and community members across the state.(2) We can stand up to this onslaught by passing the California Values Act.

Sadly, the bill is facing stiff opposition in the state legislature because of the California State Sheriffs’ Association (CSSA). The CSSA is using scare tactics, claiming that public safety is at risk, but we know the truth: the sheriffs are afraid that their multimillion dollar contracts with Immigration and Customs Enforcement will dry up if the California Values Act passes.(3)

The sheriff’s’ lies and scare tactics are working — numerous senators have softened their support for the bill. Senators in these key districts need to hear from us directly before a make-or-break committee vote happens THIS Monday, March 27.

Will you call your State Senator Steven Glazer today and ask him to support the California Values Act? We’ll give you a helpful script when you click the link below.

Yes, I’ll call Sen. Glazer today.

California is home to 10 million immigrants. They are our neighbors, colleagues, and family, and the backbone of our economy. The California Values Act is a powerful and timely affirmation of our values in the face of a president trying to build a wall along our southern border, ban Muslims from entering the United States, and deport millions.

The California Values Act would would resist Trump’s efforts by:

Prohibiting state and local resources from being used to investigate, detain, detect, report or arrest persons for immigration enforcement purposes.
Banning state and local resources from being used to facilitate the creation of a national registry based on religion.
Preventing state agencies from collecting or sharing immigration information unless necessary to perform agency duties.
Ensuring that California schools, hospitals, and courthouses remain safe and accessible to all California residents regardless of immigration status.(4)
That’s why Sen. Glazer needs to hear from you demanding that he fight to protect immigrant communities and keep families together. If we can protect immigrants in California, we can be a model for the entire country.

Click here to tell your state senator to support immigrant communities by voting YES on the CA Values Act (SB 54).

The California State Sheriffs’ Association says its opposition to the California Values Act is about public safety — but the truth is that many sheriff’s departments across the state have multimillion dollar contracts with ICE to house immigrants awaiting deportation. If SB 54 passes, those lucrative contracts would be outlawed.(5)

Sheriffs are putting their departments’ interests over the safety of California’s immigrant communities, and that’s just not right. That’s why we need to show Democratic state senators that Californians stand with immigrants, not the Trump sympathizers in the Sheriffs’ Association.
Will you call your State Senator and tell him to pass the California Values Act? We’ll give you a helpful script when you click the link below.
Click here to call your representative today! Tell your legislators to pass the CA Values Act!


M. Jawaid

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