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The Devil Mountain Coffee House is please to present Qadim Ensemble on Sunday May 5 at 5pm.

Qadim is a word found in both Arabic and Hebrew meaning “ancient” as well as “that which will come.” The Ensemble’s repertoire includes Arabic, Jewish, Turkish Sufi, Hebrew-Yemenite, Armenian, Greek, Ladino and Moroccan music, celebrating the common musical and spiritual heritage of the region’s cultures, while honoring the great diversity found within them.  Acclaimed for their passionate performances, The Qadim Ensemble is comprised of accomplished and acclaimed musicians.  The San Francisco based band has attracted a growing glocal audience who are responding to their authentic musicianship and timely message of peace and cross-cultural appreciation.

Tickets available at https://www.mduuc.org/qadim-ensemble-sunday-may-5-2019-5pm/

For more information contact: Melissa Allen 925-351-8908