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The week of January 15th we will host a series of conversations.  Putting aside our Desire after a season of sating our appetites and getting “through” the holidays. How are we going to stand in the new year? What will we stand for?

This art gallery is a space of beauty and truth. This comes through the art, the point of view of the curator, and the conversations we have in here. And while I love nothing more than a well designed home and beautiful interior, this gallery has become a safe place for artists and community to connect deeper.

Last January we hosted Lara Dutto and The Peace Chamber, Lafayette Crosses Re-Counted. The Mt. Diablo Peace and Justice Center and local community members sponsored our exhibit. It was an unforgettable month. I believe it held some magic that fertilized the soil for deep connection in our gallery.

In the recent months, I’ve had the great privilege of speaking with a diverse crowd in the gallery. I talk to folks that struggle with racism every day of their lives, artists that believe they are being shut out of spaces and places, I see women coming forward and women keeping their lips sealed. I meet people that want desperately to understand the reasons behind our political choices on both sides of the aisle. I meet people invested in perfection and people that invest in art solely for the purpose of Joy. Joy is awesome.

With your help and participation, let’s come together and talk about real ideas and ask difficult questions.

There will be facilitators. I want to invite people that hold a range of view points. The intention is for better understanding of each other, and ourselves.

  • January 15th – Martin Luther King Day. Special guest, Louiza Doran, of WokeAF to facilitate conversation on race in the world and in our local communities.

    • How are you impacted by racism? Tell your story.
    • What are your fears around the topic of race?
  • January 17th – Artist spaces and places.  What stops you from sharing more of yourself and your art?

    • What are your expectations with your art?
    • What are your fears of sharing more of your self and your art?
    • How are your fears holding you back?
    • What are some baby steps to take that will help you work through the fears?
    • How can mindfulness help project your success?
  • January 19th – Intention and Surrender. Name your greatest desires and let them go. A bonfire would be ideal but my insurance won’t cover that so we will have to think of something else.

  • Email me your ideas and RSVP jp@jenniferperlmutter.com