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On November 20, 2020, World Children’s Day, the M.T.O. Tamarkoz® Association, (a nonprofit 501(c) run by volunteers), is providing free stress reduction and guided relaxation sessions for young adults and children via Instagram Live. For the complete schedule, please see the two attached flyers, which we invite you to please share with our interfaith community in the Council and any other group directly or through the I4C website, facebook and tweeter. These Live sessions will also be available on our Facebook page for a week after airing.

These sessions are an extension of a global initiative that was started in April 2020 in response to the COVID-19 crisis. To bring peace and calm to everyone during these uncertain times, the M.T.O. Tamarkoz Association has been providing free live 30-minute meditation & relaxation sessions daily through Instagram and Facebook in 11 different languages several times throughout the day. These sessions have caught the attention of organizations such as the National Alliance on Mental Health, California Governor’s Office, University of California and several school districts throughout the United States.

Rooted in Sufism (similar to how Yoga finds its roots in Buddhism), the Tamarkoz method is a secular practice that includes deep breathing techniques, mind relaxation, gentle stretches and movement/balancing exercises, guided visualization and deep relaxation. Research on the Tamarkoz method has shown that it decreases stress and increases positive emotions. This meditation method is taught in courses for students enrolled at the University of California, Davis and the University of California Berkeley, and taught at California State University Northridge’s wellness center.

Additionally, the Tamarkoz method has been provided as wellness sessions at the Bench to Community Public Health Symposium sponsored by the American Cancer Society, International Association for Computer Machinery Middleware Computer Science Conference, the UC Davis Mental Health Initiative Conferences, as experiential sessions at the Western Psychological Association Conference and the American Psychological Association Conferences. Furthermore, the Tamarkoz method has been provided at the American Public Health Association’s Annual Meetings as a wellness practice for the 20,000 attendees. For more information on Tamarkoz, please visit www.tamarkozapp.com.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you in advance,

Negar Dadgari

Download the flyer here: Tamarkoz for Children & Young Adults 1