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URI loved ones in North America, greetings for the month of May!

I’m happy to connect with you all as we share the news of a new partnership with the Interfaith Alliance, a DC-based advocacy organization focused on “celebrating religious freedom by championing individual rights, promoting policies that protect both religion and democracy and uniting diverse voices to challenge extremism.”
We are partnering in a few days this year, first through being a co-sponsor in their Faith for Pride campaign focused on supporting LGBTQ+ people and pushing back against the work of lawmakers that are passing legislation against queer, trans, and drag siblings around the United States. With over 400 bills going through committees and votes right now, we are asking CCs around the region to 1) Create an event or space in the month of June that celebrate their local LGBTQ+ community through an interfaith service, project, or call to action, 2) Creates a concerted effort to reach out to legislators in affirming the dignity of the LGBTQ+ and protecting them through the removal of bills and introduction of new bills that accommodate and support their specific needs, and 3) Reach out to local LGBTQ people and organizations in your part of the region to be how they can be better supported and how you can work together for positive social change. You can learn more about the campaign below AND have your CC become a co-sponsor as well by doing the actions above.
As part of this co-sponsorship, we are working collaboratively to create a toolkit that supports faith-based and interfaith communities in best practices to uplift and equalize LGBTQ people in the work for peace, justice, and healing. The guide will be released in June as a part of the Faith for Pride campaign effort. Resources like this will be made readily available to you all as CCs.
One other way that we are working together right now is by hosting an event on May 17th, at 9 AM Pacific/Noon Eastern for the Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia. The event How do we support LGBTQ+ people? An Interfaith Call to Action will bring in speakers from local, regional, and international spaces to talk about the challenges faced by queer people and the work we can do as a network and as grassroots communities to help make a difference.
Please register and share the following link and graphic to take part: https://bit.ly/URI-May17
We are thankful for the ways you make a difference and look forward to working with you to transform the world into something better.


In gratitude and service,

Tahil Sharma (he/his/him)

Regional Coordinator for North America

United Religions Initiative


415-561-2300 ext 2019

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