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ICHANGE Program (Interfaith Chaplaincy Affirming a New Generation of Excellence).  

This is the committee that helps Rev. Julius Van Hook plan mentorships and service to the young people in Juvenile Hall, and those who have graduated that system.

First Thursdays (December 3rd) at 3:30 pm.

Topic: ICHANGE Meeting
Time: December 3, 2020 03:30 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
Every month on the First Thursday

You are invited to a Zoom meeting.

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Chaplain’s Corner: with Rev. Julius Van Hook from the August 24th eblast

I hope this note finds you well! Given all the things that we have experienced thus far in 2020, be at COVID- 19, economic strain, or the demonstrations and fight for peace, justice and equality, it can be easy to find yourself slipping into a negative state of mind. Many of us are wondering how much more we can endure, or if things will ever get better? You may be asking yourself, Is this the new “normal” and how will our friends, family, and loved ones be affected?
I too felt myself starting to worry about how all of this will pan out, but events like these have taught me the importance of consistency, discipline, and most importantly, maintaining a positive and optimistic outlook on life!
Every year around this time, I like to send out flower seeds to my acquaintances for them to plant. With everything going on, I almost forgot to send them out again until a friend of mine sent me this photo.
Those little sprouts reminded me that there is a silver lining behind every cloud. This lets me know that despite everything happening around us, we can still find reasons to smile and find hope. I may not know exactly how your family or friends are being affected, but I do know that we are all in this together.
Please consider this a small reminder that something great, (no matter how small) can always grow out of a difficult situation. Let’s plant good seeds and give our minds a break from all of the news and media outlets.
I am always here to help and assist, be it spiritual care related or otherwise.
We will meet online to organize the new ICHANGE committee on Wednesday, August 26th at 5:00 pm. Let me know if you’d like to join us.
Yours Very Truly,
Reverend J.X. Van Hook
Director of Spiritual Care & Interfaith Juvenile Chaplain
Contra Costa Probation Department