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Our Christian-Jewish-Muslim dialog group will hold our annual Passover seder [special ceremony and meal], on Saturday evening April 15th. This is the 3500-year-old Jewish Festival of Freedom that has equal relevance now. While the event marks the Hebrew slaves’ liberation from Egyptian bondage, millions of people worldwide are still: 

  • in a form of slavery such as child labor in India;
  • living under brutal occupation and civil war such as in Syria and Afghanistan; or
  • under horrific political oppression in Turkey, Venezuela, Russia, China and elsewhere.

No one is truly free until everyone is free.

For Christians, Passover is Jesus’ Last Supper, and the Hebrews’ exodus is mentioned in the Koran.

Our seder this year will take place on Saturday evening, April 15th, the day before Easter Sunday.

The event is at no charge and is totally appropriate for families with children of all ages. But to get an accurate count for the set up and food preparation, please register in advance at:


Please arrive at 5pm so that we can start promptly at 5:30.

The seder will take place at:

The Pacifica Institute
1310 Bayshore Highway
Burlingame 94010

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