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A Liberation Seder for the Age of Trump and other contemporary Pharaohs!

Tuesday evening, April  11 (the second seder night)..at the Northbrae Community Church in Berkeley and sponsored by Beyt Tikkun Synagogue-Without-Walls

More info at www.beyttikkun.org/seder

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We survived Pharaoh in Egypt–we can survive and even triumph over the contemporary Pharaohs in the White House, the Congress, Wall Street, the Pentagon,  and other centers of wealth and power in the U.S., Israel, and many other places around the world! These Pharaohs are still broken pieces of the whole, and our goal is not to demean anyone but to rebuild the forces of love and generosity so that we are all empowered to do tikkun olam–the healing and transformation of our world!

The ancient Israelites didn’t believe salvation was possible, but it was–and so it will be in our own times, though things look dark and discouraging at the moment! With Trumpists seeking to dismantle the environmental, health care and social services that people struggled to achieve, and possibly to start a war with North Korea, and who knows what else, it’s a good idea to be in community with others who share many of your values.

Come participate and revive your hopeful energies. We are building a spiritual community that not only celebrates our values, but also is attempting to live them (see our strategy for the Trump era at www. tikkun. org/ strategy     Please also see our vision of the world we want to build, a world of love, justice, compassion, economic and social justice, environmental sustainability, and awe and wonder at the miraculous universe and the precious Earth we momentarily get to experience in our too short lives, as presented at www.  tikkun. org/ covenant. We started this struggle some 3,200 years ago, and we haven’t given up, despite many setbacks including ways that we ourselves have at times abandoned the deepest truths of liberation, generosity, caring for others and caring for the planet! .

So get your energies recharged for the struggles ahead!!!! This Seder is not just for Jews, but for everyone who wishes to recommit to the struggles for liberation!!!! Please spread the word, because even if you are already committed to another plan for our community liberation seder, you know people in your lives who would get a huge amount of being with us!

Focused not only on our own liberation from slavery, but ALSO celebrating the liberation struggles of all people through history and continuing in our own life times, yet including all the traditions of the Passover Seder!   

Seder led by Rabbi Michael Lerner, Cat Zavis, Ami Goodman and Abby Caplin

More info: www.beyttikkun.org/seder

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