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Presented by Tom Bachhuber and Jim Briggs

“There are very few people who realize what God would make of them….In calling me to live my special qualities and characteristics, God planted deep in myself an original purpose…. what my concrete self adds up to and to live out.” – St. Ignatius of Loyola.

Life is about facing and managing change—career, personal, family, spiritual. This retreat is an opportunity to reflect on your life and your faith, exploring avenues for new opportunities. You will engage practical career transition content, poetry, and prayer which will allow you to begin clarifying vocational needs and goals.

We all need a vision for our gifts—and language to describe our career/life objectives to ourselves and others. LifeSHIFT will include a variety of activities including discussion, personal writing, film, music, reflective solitude, using the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius and one to one consultation. Each participant will set goals, develop resources for change while experiencing imaginative ways to know God’s presence on the journey.