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Both locally owned and independent businesses are having a hard time driving customers into the stores these days. As a result of this, they have started selling their products on different e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, and so more. As more and more local businesses start moving to other selling platforms, it has become difficult for customers to get a better level of service and convenience.

Here at Plaid Friday, we encourage the people to shop directly on the locally owned businesses rather than jumping into e-commerce websites. We aim to research the best local and independent resellers online to offer the audience the superior quality products. At our platform, we allow consumers to quickly and confidently find the highest-rated local business near them so that they can shop freely.

To provide a better service of the local businesses, we also analyze the reviews of the customers about the particular service and product. Plaid Friday is equipped with the system where customer experiences are captured at the time of the service, helps in empowering both businesses and consumers. For more information, you can browse our latest resources and unbiased product reviews on the website.



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