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San Quentin Prayer Vigil

Interfaith Prayer vigil to save lives at San Quentin- to support families with loved ones inside and to continue to add to public pressure for officials to act.
It will be this Sunday, July 19th – from 3-5 pm.
The interfaith community and families impacted by incarceration will honor the lives lost in San Quentin due to COVID19, and lift up the call for releases!  Join the Interfaith Vigil in person, where we will be practicing social distancing and following public health guidelines.  RSVP Here!
Watch on our FBlive, if you cannot join us in person:  @IM4HumanIntegrity
Here is the facebook page: Here’s the FB event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/3089066974520655
For more information contact Gala King:  GKing@im4humanintegrity.org

Interfaith Vigil to Save Lives at San Quentin #StopSanQuentinOutbreak #FreeThemAll #ClemencyNow

Recently, at least 6 people have died from COVID-19 while incarcerated in San Quentin, and 1400 people incarcerated and over 180 employees have tested positive for COVID-19. That number is likely to grow. Settings of incarceration are notorious for overcrowding, unsanitary conditions and the rapid spread of disease. For months, health experts have warned that prisons and detention centers are tinderboxes for the spread of COVID-19 threatening people detained, prison workers and surrounding communities. Across the state those detained and incarcerated are fearful that their detention and incarceration will become deadly, that their only way out will be in a coffin.

On Sunday, July 19th, we are holding a public, socially-distanced, Interfaith Vigil to honor those who have needlessly died in San Quentin, and to call for the release of others. We are inviting faith and community leaders and family members of those incarcerated to be physically present with us. Location will be at the West Gate of San Quentin, more details will be announced.

Our messages are in line with the Stop San Quentin Organizing Team, led by Ella Baker Center and families directly impacted, which include:
1) Governor Newsom must come to SQ to tour the facility,
2) Governor Newsom and CDCR must grant large-scale releases without categorical exclusions (to the tune of 50% of prison pop decrease), and
3) Calling on the immediate stop to all transfers between prisons and from prisons to ICE detention centers.
Background information and media toolkit can be found here: bit.ly/StopSQOutbreakToolkit

We will use the symbols of:
** tombstones for each person who has needlessly died
** banners calling on release and saving lives
** memorial rites from several faith traditions.

** Join the Public Interfaith Vigil on Sunday, July 19, 3-5pm at San Quentin. Specific location details will be provided. We require all participants wear masks and practice social-distancing. Fill out your information below.
** Provide a visual for the action! Fill out your information below.
** Watch the Interfaith Vigil on IM4HI Facebook page and help promote via social media.

We understand that attending in-person is not for everyone and we ask you to please consider wisely. We will be doing our best to organize a highly disciplined and socially-distanced public vigil. For attendees, RSVP’ing below is critical so we can provide more specific details and assignments.

Planning Committee: Rev Deb Lee, Pastor Allison Tanner, Caroline Lehman, Charles Joseph, Shelly Clement, Elizabeth Ponce, Julie Litwin, and Gala King