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Mt. Diablo Peace and Justice Center and Veterans for Peace have organized a half-day conference with internationally renowned speakers on US militarism and its consequences.  They will give incisive 7-10 minute presentations on many aspects of one big problem.  There will be a chance to network informally and view a wealth of resources and literature.  The goal is to “connect the dots”, provide an opportunity for networking and show just how related these issues are to each other.  Topics and speakers include:

OVERVIEW OF THE WAR MACHINE: Gerry Condon, Veterans for Peace President,  Mnar Muhawesh, Mint Press Publisher  (via remote)

 MILITARY VS SOCIAL NEEDS:  Gayle McLaughlin, former Mayor of Richmond and  Katy Roemer, California Nurses Association

AGAINST STATE VIOLENCE AT HOME:  Cephus Johnson, uncle of Oscar Grant and John Lindsay-Poland, Stop Urban Shield, AFSC

CHALLENGING US MILITARISM: Ron Paul, former US Congressman (via remote), Eleanor Levine, CodePink and Cindy Sheehan, author and peace activist

RISING RISK OF CATASTROPHE:  Marylia Kelley, Tri-Valley CAREs Director, Fred Norman, Veterans For Peace and former B-47 navigator/bombardier and Gar Smith, environmentalist, author,  “The War and Environment Reader”

 COUNTERING DISINFORMATION:  Mickey Huff, Project Censored Director, Dan Kovalik, civil/human rights lawyer, author, “The Plot to Scapegoat Russia” (via remote) and Zeyad El Omari, Palestine Youth Movement

 WAR VS PEACE IN KOREA:  Paul Liem, Korea Policy Institute Chair and Ann Wright, retired US military and State Dept. (via remote)