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The Jerusalem Youth Chorus, with the LOPC Choir and the WomenSing Choir

LOPC is excited to welcome the new year by inviting our Interfaith community of friends and neighbors to join us next Tuesday evening, at 7:30 p.m. in our Sanctuary, for the uplifting performance of the Jerusalem Youth Choir (JYC). Members of the JYC are Israeli and Palestinian high school students from East and West Jerusalem who have come together on a mission to spread their vision for peaceful interaction and co-existence in the midst of the current daily divisiveness of our times.
A flyer is attached with further details on the program and this remarkable group of Interfaith youth, who share their solidarity in story and song to inspire audiences around the world to work for local and global peace. We encourage you to come, support and help empower them to become future leaders in their communities. You will experience both a heartening performance and the opportunity to learn a moving story of respect and understanding that needs to be shared with others.
To RSVP, you can contact Renee Wigginton (renee@lopc.org). We hope to see you there.

Download the flyer here:  Jerusalem Youth Choir


On January 9th, Jerusalem Youth Chorus will join with Project Level and perform at SF City Hall. Info Here.<https://jcrc.org/news-events/events/harmony-hope>