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The Role of Ethics, Education and Good Governance for Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice: Perspectives from Faith-Based Organizations

Coalition of Faith-Based Organizations:  Spirituality and Justice Initiative

September 15, 2020               7:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time

“The role of ethics, education and good governance in strategies to prevent crime and achieve justice are often not considered together. They build from promoting better individual decisions, to ways the educational process can support ethical decision-making, to building capacity and reducing corruption for inclusive and effective governance. This webinar will discuss and highlight the contributions of faith-based organizations in promoting ethics, education and governance in our efforts to prevent crime and achieve justice more equitably and consistently.”



  • Thomas G. Walsh, Co-Chair, Coalition of Faith-Based Organizations


  • Jay Albanese, Professor of Criminal Justice, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Darcy Roake, Pastor, Community Church Unitarian Universalist, USA
  • Imam Shamsi Ali, Islamic Scholar, New York
  • Elmar Kuhn, Roman Catholic Theologian, Austria
  • Wendy O’Brien, Legal Officer, Violence Against Children, UNODC
  • William McComish, Dean [retired], Geneva Cathedral

Q&A: Submit questions to coalitionfbo@gmail.com

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The Coalition of FBOs is a broadly-based multi-faith coalition of leading representatives of the world’s great religious traditions, along with interfaith and civil society leaders, academics, and practitioners actively engaged in criminal justice and crime prevention. The Coalition of FBOs supports the work of various UN agencies, most notably the UNODC, as well as the Vienna-based NGO Alliance for Crime-Prevention and Criminal Justice.


Coalition of Faith-Based Organizations, c/o Civil Society Team
D1475 Vienna International Centre, PO Box 500
Website: https://coalitionfbo.org, Email: coalitionfbo@gmail.com
A1400 Vienna, Austria


Download the flyer here: CFBO Webinar_ Ethics Governance Invite FlyerFinal.2020.09.10