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This retreat is designed to be self-paced.  You will receive weekly e-mails beginning Wednesday August 4 that take about an hour to read/view.

Reverend Steve Harm and friends invite you to attend the 3 optional dialogue sessions being held at San Damiano on August 18 & 25 & September 1.

In light of the unacknowledged legacy of racial violence in our country – how do we grieve?  How do we learn?  How do we change?  The topic of race is so delicate and so deadly.

Join us in the wisdom and healing journey.  This retreat combines storytelling, music, art, spiritual teachings and practices, and contemplation as a means to open ourselves to the grace of healing racial inequity.  By coming closer to events whose historical origins and attitudes have shaped and persist in shaping narrow views, the intention of this retreat is to unfold a process for healing the wounds caused by the damage of racial violence.

Cosponsored by San Damiano & Peace Lutheran Church

Phone:  925-837-9141

Email:  janetg@sandamiano.org

Website:  www.sandamiano.org