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Sacred, Secular, and the Shifting Boundaries of American Religion

Featuring:  Professor of Religion and Society, Jerome Baggett 

The character of what it means to be religious has shifted radically over the past years. The massive exodus from traditional forms of religious identity has created a breadth of diversity that includes robust atheism, the growing number of unaffiliated “nones”, the ever-popular spiritual but not religious, secular spirituality, and more. How are you finding your way as you navigate this shifting landscape? How are these new realities being carried by powerful cultural currents and re-shaping notions of the sacred amid a secular society?

Following the lecture, an open conversation and a time of Q/A will be facilitated by Soul Forum Podcast host, Dan Senter.

Bring a bottle of wine and/or small plate to share.   Doors open at 4:15.   

Suggested $10 donation online or at the door.


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