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Episcopal parishes in Contra Costa are working together to host post-election gatherings, based on programs developed by the non-partisan Braver Angels.org, starting with separate gatherings of Distressed and Delighted.

For people who are feeling Delighted or pleased about the election outcomes, you are invited to join Rev. Laurie Moyer, Assistant Rector at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Walnut Creek from 1:00 – 3:00 pm at this Zoom link. For security reasons, please email Sarah for the passcode.

 The Challenge: The days after the election could begin a dark time of polarization in the land—unless we act together to make it otherwise.

The Opportunity: That’s where the With Malice Toward None initiative comes in.

We the People will have both the opportunity and the responsibility to seize the post-election moment by bringing many Americans together in our religious communities, colleges, and civic groups.  The goal is to create a space for people to deal with their emotions (positive and negative), to build our capacities for working together to address our common challenges, and to commit ourselves to a renewed citizenship.

This is not about covering over strong political differences or encouraging people to support whoever wins the election.  It is about a commitment to respecting the humanity of those who differ from us. It is about recognizing our foundational role as citizens to be the architects and agents of a more perfect union.

Please note that Grace Church Martinez is hosting a separate post-election gathering for the Distressed.

At a later date, we will have a second, joint gathering for everyone.