Dear Friend,

Thank you for writing to Supervisor Andersen.

All of your concerns are being prioritized by the County Health Department. They have specific programs for connecting with low income, and hard to reach seniors and immigrants and are using trusted partners who are influencers in each hard to reach community of the County.

CCHS mobile vaccine teams begin giving immunizations at low-income senior housing sites

*   Our mobile vaccination teams have begun coordinating immunizations at about 75 low-income senior housing sites across the county
*   The team has already given first doses at 12 low-income senior sites to residents and staff
*   The mobile team has been focused on immunizing nursing homes and residential care facilities for the elderly (RCFEs)
*   All skilled nursing facilities in the county have been provided dose 1 of the vaccine by the federal pharmacy partnership with CVS and Walgreens.  Dose 2 administration has begun and will continue throughout mid-February
*   95% of 30+ bed RCFEs have been provided dose 1 of the vaccine, completed largely by CCHS and CVS (will be 100% by week end).  Dose 2 administration began last week and will continue thru the end of February.
*   The CCHS mobile team and its partners are also in the process of providing vaccinations to hundreds of independent board-and-care homes in the county. This work will likely continue into the early spring.
*   The mobile team’s capacity is limited and we are focusing efforts on immunizing vulnerable seniors in congregate care settings and low-income apartment complexes

Seniors needing transportation to vaccine appointments

*   We have gotten feedback from the community that some seniors living independently need transportation assistance getting to their vaccination appointments
*   CCHS (through Contra Costa Health Plan) can provide transportation assistance to eligible residents on Medi-Cal
*   Contra Costa Health Plan will cover the cost of transportation (e.g bus, Lyft or cab) to get to an appointment
*   In order to arrange for transportation through CCHP, requests need to be made 7-10 days before the ride
*   People can call (855) 222-7218 to schedule a “non-medical transport” to get a ride to and from their vaccination appts
*   If people need a wheelchair or gurney transport, they need a referral from his/her physician for authorization through CCHPs “medical transport” unit.
*   The number for medical transports is (877) 800-7423
*   Both phone numbers are staffed between 8am – 5pm daily

Please also see this page<mailto:> for information about the Ethical and Equitable Vaccine Allocations Committee.

Best regards,
Gayle Israel

Gayle Israel
Chief of Staff
Office of Supervisor Candace Andersen
Contra Costa County, District 2