Looking for a place to volunteer and serve?  Look no further than JustServe.org!


Many of our congregations and clusters of friends have expressed a desire of finding a way to serve together and to serve locally. Members of the LDS community have created a program called Just Serve that was being rolled out that was just for that purpose.

The site is www.justserve.org and the intent is that recurring service opportunities are put onto the site and members of our different faith organizations could go to the sight, see the different service needs and opportunities, and sign up to serve.

Service needs that are recurring are what is really best utilized.  However, once there are more users to the site, we could put on individual service needs as well.  On the site, you would select a service opportunity and it would give you times and days the service is needed and allow you to sign up to serve in one of those times.

Please take a look at the site and if you can think of additional service needs to publicize, please get information on them.  As more participate we will accomplish the goals we have to bring members of our diverse communities to serve side by side and create understanding through getting to know each other’s hearts – which can be done so well through service.


JustServe.org is a recently launched free community website that matches churches, civic organizations, non-profits, and governmental agencies that need volunteers with groups or individuals willing to volunteer and help. The website links people to service opportunities in their communities. The guidelines of JustServe ensure that projects listed should not directly solicit donations or involve volunteers in fundraising, have a political focus, or be for-profit oriented.

The site is simple to use. Charitable organizations, non-profit organizations, churches and civic organizations may list service opportunities on JustServe.org. There are no fees involved for organizations to list their service opportunities on the website, or for community members to locate and sign up for service projects. There is no limit to the number of service opportunities that can be listed on the website.

Those looking to provide service will also find the JustServe website easy to use to identify service opportunities. Just type in the name of the city where you would like to serve and local service opportunities will be displayed. Click on a project of interest, and you will see the details of that project. Faith organizations may wish to inform members of this resource.


If you are a Senior looking for volunteering opportunities, check this out.

Here is the link – https://sixtyandme.com/senior-volunteering/