If you missed the event, or want to watch a recording of the event from 7:20 pm on – please go to this link!


Video of Imam Malik’s presenter on the Uighur Muslims crisis in China:

Malik Mujahid – malik@soundvision.com

Sound Vision website – https://www.soundvision.com


Kasim Tuman – ktuman@gmail.com
Kasim lives in San Ramon with his wife and two children. He is Consultant, Entrepreneur, and Mentor for scaling Engineering organizations by training,  Lifetime defender of fairness and justice for all by passion, and student of learning for life. More importantly he is husband, Dad and neighbor and will do all he can to put smile on faces around him. 

The Uyghur Foundation: Humanitarian Support for Uyghurs
can be contacted at info@uyghur.foundation or 650-394-6558 or visit http://uyghur.foundation

What we as American’s do to help the Uighur Muslims in China: 

a. Ask your local representative to support and vote on https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/116/s178.  

b. Ask US Universities including MIT to cut ties with following blacklisted Chinese Tech Firms: Dahua Technology; Hikvision; IFLYTEK; Megvii Technology; Sense Time, Xiamen Meiya Pico Information Co. Ltd.; Yitu Technologies; and Yixin Science and Technology Co. Ltd. 

c. Support local 501c(3) Uyghur Foundation. Your generation donation is tax deductible and it will help local Uyghurs provide humanitarian support to displaced families due to massive detention all around the world. 


Dr. Nazeer Ahmed – nazeer@delixus.com


From Lubna Hamid – lubnazargar@gmail.com


Rep. Pramila Jayapal and Rep. Steve Watkins introduced a bipartisan resolution on Kashmir (H. Res. 745). 

If you are a U.S. resident, here’s what you can do right now to help Kashmir:

  • Call, email, tweet your local congressional rep at http://bit.ly/ushr745 
  • Ensure you send this link/graphic to your community google groups, email distributions ASAP
  • Ensure your friends and family use this tool to contact their local elected reps. Call them to remind them if needed. 
  • Urge everyone to act in a timely manner since the resolution will most likely be brought up for a vote next Wednesday, December 18th.
  • While our tool targets all congressional representatives, Members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee are especially important to engage ASAP.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to advocacy@standwithkashmir.org with any questions.