November 15th is the deadline to apply for the Lesher Kitchen Upgrade Grants for congregations that have feeding ministries.

Dear Faith Communities,

This is a reminder and update for all our Faith Communities that the deadline for the Lesher Faith Based Kitchen Remodel Grant is coming soon.

If you are interested in applying for a kitchen remodel grant from the Lesher Foundation, please register your organization by creating a new account on their grant application e- system Click here for Lesher Grant Application System. Once you have created an account for your organization, click on the Apply link at the top of your Dashboard, and select the “Faith- Based Kitchen Remodel Project” process.

Applications for this project are available and the new due date is November 15th. Decisions will be announced by January 2022. Due to limited funding, not every kitchen project can be funded. Awards of funding could range from $5,000 – $30,000, depending on need. If need exceeds this amount, the Foundation is happy to work with you to use these funds as a challenge grant. Successful applications will include an emphasis on the location of the facility and meeting community need. A helpful resource illustrating where food access is limited can be found here: ecd4

Other key considerations for funding applicants will be the amount requested, and number of meals served. The goal is to support the remodel of as many kitchens as possible within the budget, in conjunction with the County Health Department so that permits are successfully issued, and meal distribution programs can be resumed to help families that are struggling.

Last year, our First Christian Church of Concord was able to register our kitchen as a Charitable Feeding Facility, so that we could “heat and serve” pre-prepared meals to shelters and the public. I can help you with that procedure or direct you to a contact person. Here is the Contra Costa Environment Health Facility Evaluation Application (

We are now trying to have our feeding facility remodeled to have a permitted kitchen and plan to apply for the Grant funds.

The Lesher Grant can help you pay for permits or registration fees, upgrading your appliances, design plans and much more. Please take advantage of this Grant and let your faith organization know about this wonderful opportunity.

Please contact me for further assistance.


Diane Maltester

For technical questions regarding the Lesher Foundation’s grant application process, please contact Susan Haley



Download the Lesher Kitchen Grant Info document here: Lesher Kitchen Grant application info