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Poor People’s Campaign – East County Rally 

•LEARN from our neighbors affected by unjust policies

•GEAR UP for 40 Days of Action

•CONNECT with other activists, people of faith, and all those who care about justice

•LISTEN to an inspiring speakers from Contra Costa County




The Poor People’s Campaign has just released a social history of the US over past 50 years called “The Souls of Poor Folk”, showing that little progress has been made in combating poverty since the death of MLK .
Recent Regional Dates and Projects to keep in mind:
Poor Peoples Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival

Information received from national webcast on March 19, 2018 and local meeting on April 3rd

Prepared by Norman Bardsley

The major outcome from the webcast was a description of the themes for the six weeks of the campaign

  1. May 13-19: “It’s gone on far too long – who is hurting?” Focus on suffering people, through examples and statistics. Examples will certainly include mothers and children (May 13this Mother’s Day) and the disabled.
  2. May 20-26: “Systemic Racism” – Voter suppression, police procedures and criminal justice system, access to high quality education and housing, immigration policies and enforcement, incitement to or toleration of hate speech and discrimination, the connection between systemic racism and systemic poverty……
  3. May 27-June 2 (Including Memorial Day): “The Military Economy” – The imbalance between military and social programs, war fatalities and long-term impact on participants, idolization of violence and the gun culture, militarization of internal security services (arming teachers etc)…..
  4. June 3-9: “Ecological Devastation” – Healthy planet and healthy people – climate change, air pollution, contaminated water, land control, soil preservation, health care….
  5. June 10-16: “Right to Live with Human Dignity” – Access to the elements that could support an abundant life for all if equitably shared – jobs that provide a living wage and fair working conditions, food, housing, education……
  6. June 17-23: “Distorted Moral Narrative” – The hijacking of moral imperatives by groups who focus on narrow issues, often in the name of religious beliefs or false nationalism. The need to expand social programs to heal those who have been hurt with advocacy to remove the causes of injury, deprivation and discrimination.  Working towards Moral Fusion by supporting others whose passions and expertise differ from ours.

The schedule for preparation and specific actions during the six weeks is less clear.  But here are some provisional dates:


June 23rd:  Nationally coordinated final mass meetings or rallies

East County PPC Rally

What’s Next – How do we address poverty together?

Saturday, June 23rdat 4:00 pm
Antioch Church Family
55 East 18thStreet, Antioch

We meet in Antioch on the Global Day of Solidarity with poor everywhere, promising to keep the work going, holding our elected leaders accountable to dismantle the systems that make people poor & keep people poor.

Come hear the stories of real people as we address poverty together!

For more information, contact Rev. Will McGarvey at 925-597-9797 or  If you want to join the Poor People’s Campaign and go to the actions in Sacramento, please see the weekly Themes, History, Foundational Principles and Moral Agenda with the links on the back side of this flyer.

Light Supper shared after the rally!





The Souls of Poor Folk: Auditing America 50 Years After the Poor People’s Campaign Challenged Racism, Poverty, the War Economy/Militarism and Our National Morality


Dr. King’s Vision: The Poor People’s Campaign of 1967-68






Be ready to to take action during the 40-days of Action…

If you have any questions, please contact 

Rev Ashiya Odeye- Northern California NVDA Coordinator

916 893-9793

Covenant of Nonviolence: Covenant of Nonviolence – FINAL 3.15.18 (1) (1)

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