September 2, 2019 

Dear Friends,               

One of the ways to gain political power and control is to objectify and dehumanize a supposed enemy. Even before Mr. Trump became President, he engaged in dehumanizing people of color. Also, his rhetoric against Muslims, Jews, and anyone he does not deem to be a supporter is as dangerous as it is delusional.

     The latest target of attack is immigrant children who require health care. The President has especially targeted sick children from “South of the Border.” Even though the families of these children have legal standing in the United States, their right to health care for their children is being undermined by a President motivated by self-glorification who has no regard for those in need.

      The Interfaith Peace Project condemns the actions of this Administration as cruel, inhumane, and contrary to the common human decency of any civilized state.

     The House of Representatives needs to stop playing politics. The House should impeach this incompetent President on moral grounds even if the Senate will not remove him from Office. The House and the Senate ought to have the moral nerve to stand against the President’s destructive policies, especially when his policies endanger the lives and well-being of innocent children.

     Interfaith Communities must courageously confront those who claim the President supports life issues. Cutting the safety net for poor children, enabling gun violence in the streets, attacking the mentally ill, and fostering the death penalty are not policies that support life. One does not advocate for the dignity of human beings by sending families and their children back to places where their safety is compromised, and their lives threatened.
     The President needs to be held accountable for his destructive policies and actions against the human and civil rights of so many people.
    The current attack on sick children is symptomatic of the moral corruption this Administration continues to perpetuate on innocent people who, by virtue of their humanity, have the right to live in peace.
    The Interfaith Peace Project begs all peoples of faith and goodwill to work together as we continue to build and rebuild our Nation as a people ensuring “liberty and justice for all.” We confront the President with respect, realizing that our forceful demands may seem harsh to some. But sometimes it is necessary to stand up and be counted for what it right, decent, and just. 

Peacefully, Thomas P. Bonacci, C.P.,
and The Board of Directors ofThe Interfaith Peace Project