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I4C YouTube Channel

 Our YouTube channel offers a lot of free educational content on a variety of interfaith topics that have been offered through I4C , URI and other interfaith organizations.  We also archive our Elected Council meetings here.

 Click here to access this content.

I4C is a United Religions (URI) Cooperation Circle.  As an exclusive educational benefit to I4C members, you are invited to register for these URI workshops:

2024 URI Learning Workshop Series Registration

Thank you for interest in participating in our upcoming Learning Workshops!

Join a series of introductory 3hr workshops that explore key practices to nurture our movement together towards our collective purpose of promoting interreligious collaboration, ending violence, and creating cultures of peace, justice, and healing.

Here is a brief description of all the offerings the next 3 months: 

Intro to Interfaith Engagement - April 16, 2024  6-9 am PDT - Completed
This workshop aims to provide members of the network with an introduction to interfaith engagement, what it is, how to do it and how to strengthen interfaith collaboration within their organization to deepen and support their work and participation in the URI network. 

Navigating Difficult Conversations - April 29, 2024 - 6-9 am PDT
Being prepared to navigate differences with curiosity and embracing difficult conversations are central practices to interfaith collaboration and moving through conflict with creativity. This workshop is an introduction to key personal and interpersonal practices to deepen participants’ mindfulness of their personal and cultural habits around conflicts, and to be prepared with a toolkit to move through difficult conversations with creativity. 

Facilitating Interfaith Spaces - May 15, 2024 - 6-9 am PDT
Building on the Intro to Interfaith Engagement, this workshop will introduce a starter toolkit of key facilitation and design skills to support interfaith organizing and collective efforts to advance specific changes in our communities.

Intro to Violence Prevention - May 30th, 2024 - 6-9 am PDT
Preventing violence may seem overwhelming or even impossible. This introductory workshop will help you connect with your own capacity to intervene, to realize the power of the “third side” to generate new possibilities beyond violence, and to identify a diversity of partners who can help sustain transformative interventions amidst cycles of violence.

Earth Restoration and Collective Healing - Jun 10th, 2024-6-9 am PDT
This introductory workshop aims to connect with our capacity to care for the earth and each other and create a simple toolkit for imagining new possibilities for ecological regeneration and collective healing while drawing both on indigenous and sacred wisdom of our diverse communities and the wisdom of the natural and human sciences. 

Interrupting Hate Speech and Violence - June 24th, 2024 - 6-9 am PDT
The health approach to violence prevention explores violence as a behavior that can be interrupted and changed. This workshop will introduce the basic elements of this approach with examples and sharing of experiences across different contexts and invite participants to practice skills of interrupting harmful behaviors in the context of hate speech (since often a precursor to violence).

Please complete the following registration form to share your interest in participating. Contact Reuben Shank ( or Sarah Oliver ( with questions or considerations.  1. Which workshop/s would you like to register for? (You can sign up for more than one!) 

Diffusing Hatred Workshop



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Anti-Hate Public Service Announcements: Please Share!

Please view these public service announcements created in collaboration with the Bay Area Interfaith Organization. 

AAPI Public Service Announcemen


Jewish Anti-Hate Public Service Announcement


Muslim Anti-Hate Public Service Announcement




For Anti-Hate AAPI –
For Anti-Semitism –

For Islamophobia –

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