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Join Karen Rafton to explore spiritual principles through the science of consciousness.
You will gain a deeper understanding of how your biology affects your awareness and how to enhance your life through practical application of this empowering information.
Drawing on the wisdom of Dr. Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, David Hawkins, Greg Braden and other leaders at the cutting edge of consciousness research, Karen will share her own experiences as well as examples of others whose lives have been changed dramatically by working with these principles.
Karen Rafton has been a student of science and spirituality for decades.  She has personally experienced the benefits of integrating an understanding of how our biology is impacted by our thoughts, feelings and actions as well as the reverse – how the state of our body affects our thoughts, feelings and actions.  Her study of biology, consciousness, meditation, quantum physics and spirituality has enhanced and improved her own daily life and she has a passion for sharing the benefits of this with others.
Karen’s early career as an attorney did not satisfy her longing for deeper meaning, but it did empower her with a healthy skepticism as well as research skills to uncover the truth. Her subsequent career in Life, Family and Corporate Coaching fulfilled her passion for working with others in awakening to their greatest potential.  She has personally had numerous health issues resolved through applying spiritual principles combined with recent breakthroughs in consciousness and health science. She continually pursues her passion for learning and growth through attending live workshops and webinars on spirituality, the science of consciousness and alternative health and functional medicine.
Karen has served as a Prayer Chaplain at Unity In Marin and has facilitated workshops on forgiveness, consciousness and prayer. In recent years, she embarked on a worldwide pilgrimage that included walking the Camino de Santiago; the Portuguese Camino; travel to Jerusalem, Israel; Monserrat, Spain; the tombs of the apostles of Jesus; St Francis’ home in Assisi and other spiritual centers. Out of her love of collaborating in conscious awakening, she is excited to see what is created together at this gathering.
Admission $10. No one turned away for lack of funds.