Our Programs:

Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County (I4C) is an organization devoted to CARING, DIVERSITY and COMPASSION.  These are the guiding principles that we work for in all that we do. New programs are underway (ICARE – Our programs offer the opportunity for members of all faith traditions to learn about one another, promote interfaith peace, and work together to serve and benefit our community.  And ICHANGE – a new program focusing on aftercare and mentoring for youth in the juvenile detention system)

Keep in touch be viewing our program’s progress in our NEWSLETTERS here and sign up to receive both our newsletters and our eBlasts here.

Most of our programming has been recorded after moving to online meetings during C-19.  To see the recordings on our YouTube Channel – including our Anti-Racism Trainings – please visit here: https://tinyurl.com/I4CYouTubeChannel

Our Interfaith Racial Justice Resources are available here. 


Caring Contra Costa

What can you and your congregation or small group do to make Contra Costa County a more caring, kind and compassionate place to live?  

  • Could you host an Interfaith program of some sort?
  • Would you like to create a service project that encourages others to “pay it forward?”
  • Is it possible for you and your friends to plan some “random acts of kindness” that make a difference in your part of the county?
  • What creative project could you organize with a small group of others to tackle something that’s been ignored for some time?

It doesn’t matter what you choose to do, as much as that you put your plan into action.  Then, you can encourage others to do so as well – like a friendly “coopetition” where we cooperate in a competition in doing acts of loving-kindness and considerate service.  As you share your project, feel free to put the #CaringContraCosta hashtag or image on your flier or social media about your project!


If you want a sticker send us a donation online or by mail and we will send you a sticker and a bookmark.  

Here are some of the themes we will use, but you can host an Interfaith Program, like our Everyday Peacemaking, Defusing Hatred, and Courageous Conversations programs, or create a diverse panel of religious leaders to discuss a topic of your choosing. 

We can’t wait to see your reflections and actions using our hashtag #CaringContraCosta!  You can also share by emailing your reflections and events to interfaithcccc@gmail.com and post them on our Community Calendar (there’s a Submit Your Event link at the bottom of our website!). 

If you haven’t yet, you could invite us to schedule the Defusing Hatred Program.  If you have hosted that already, please consider scheduling the Everyday Peacemaking Program.  Other programs will be offered in the upcoming months.

What event or project will you create?  Let’s make our neighborhoods more loving, caring, and concerned for others!  Learn more about and stay updated with #CaringContraCosta.