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The Beyond Genocide Campaign (which is supported by the ICCCC, MIC, SiVIC, ICP, URI and the Board Of Rabbis of Nor Cal) is a co-presenting community outreach partner for the film “On Her Shoulders” screening Sunday, May 6th at 7:45 pm in San Rafael at the DocLands Documentary Film Festival, May 3-6, 2018, presented by the California Film Institute.  For more information, call 415-552-5580.

“On Her Shoulders” trailer : https://vimeo.com/260685805

The plight of the Yazidi community, who face mass extermination at the hands of ISIL extremists, is told elegantly through delicately lit interviews and the selfless lobbying of 23-year-old reluctant activist, Nadia Murad. Although the toll of retelling her own harrowing story is clearly evident in her face, Murad refuses to rest lest the atrocities continue to go unnoticed by those who may be able to help.


For more information on Yazidi refugees and our work to protect them, visit https://www.yezidis-assyrians.org

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