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Riding the Wind to a Cleaner Planet

August 17, 2020, 7:00-8:30 pm PDT

Join us as faith leader and filmmaker Jo Carson discusses the new importance of local, smaller wind energy projects.

  • Why wind energy is a practical and powerful addition to green energy solutions.
  • Where is the wind capacity in Marin and the greater Bay Area?
  • Local solutions vs. out
  • Advantages & disadvantages – economic, ecological, predictability/ reliability
  • Peter Asmus, Research Director, Guidehouse Insights, speaks briefly on micro grids and distributed power sources vs. grid stability threats and PG&E shut-downs, safety, government restrictions, getting wind projects off the ground.
  • The Paris Climate Accord and COVID-19: the urgency of now

What interfaith groups can do and what you can doSponsored by Marin Interfaith Climate Action.  Sponsored by Marin Interfaith Climate Action

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Download the flyer: wind energy poster