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Dear Interfaith Friends —

We are increasingly reminded that discrimination, threats, acts of desecration, vandalism and/or personal attacks against members of one religion and their sacred facilities and houses of worship constitute violative and deplorable conduct against all people of every faith. Most regrettably, as described below, the recent wave of such conduct across the nation has targeted the Jewish community. To provide our solidarity in response, Neighbor to Neighbor — your interfaith partnership in Contra Costa County — invites you to stand, pray and worship together with our Jewish brothers and sisters in an Interfaith Solidarity Shabbat.

This expression of our collective faith in action will be hosted by Temple Isaiah (925-283-8575) this coming Friday at 8:00 p.m. We hope you will be able to attend. The address of Temple Isaiah is 945 Risa Road, Lafayette and details are as follows:

Neighbor to Neighbor 
Shabbat of Solidarity
Friday, March 24, 8:00 p.m.
in the Sanctuary
Let’s Show Up for One Another!
Over the past several weeks, the rise in anti-Semitic incidents has raised serious concerns in Jewish communities across our nation.  Our leadership at Temple Isaiah has partnered with local and national organizations to institute additional safety measures on our campus, additional education for our students and parents, and outreach to law enforcement, government officials and school administrators. We have also been very gratified by the outpouring of support from our local interfaith partners through our Neighbor to Neighbor program who assure us we are not alone as we push back against ugly expressions of bigotry.
At our Shabbat service on March 24, we will stand together as Jews shoulder-to-shoulder with people of all faiths to decry anti-Semitism and declare – together – that we are working toward zero-tolerance for actions against minority or vulnerable groups — in our neighborhoods, in our schools, and in our workplaces.  Our Sabbath of peace and solidarity will be a non-partisan time of worship and uplift, with clergy and laity from many traditions, as a re-affirmation of our deeply-held values of love and respect for all peoples.  Let us declare that we love ALL our neighbors and will show up always to keep each other safe and secure.
After the service Temple Isaiah will host an oneg reception to enable our neighbors of different faiths to get to know one another.  Please join us and invite your friends and neighbors of all faiths.

Peace and blessings,
Terry Clark, Neighbor to Neighbor

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