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SUMMER FORUM August 9 9:30 AM:  Our speaker will be Marylia Kelley, who helped found Tri-Valley CAREs (Communities Against a Radioactive Environment) almost 40 years ago.  Tri-Valley CAREs serves to oppose nuclear weapons and to operate as a watchdog for the Lawrence Livermore Lab, which, with Los Alamos Labs, is one of two facilities where all US nuclear weapons have been designed.  The group, with Ms. Kelley as its Executive Director, lobbies in Washington, DC, speaks publicly about increasing nuclear weapons activities in the U.S.  and publishes a quarterly newsletter, Citizen’s Watch, decrying the growing national budget for nuclear arms.  http://www.trivalleycares.org/

Please join us on ZOOM at 9:20; we will start promptly at 9:30 PST.