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UN & Sikh World Peace Day
Prayer Request from all Sikhs around the globe

September 18, 2022 (Third Sunday of September Every Year)

Please recite the Sukhmani Sahib

And pray for every human’s right to live in peace on this earth by offering this Ardas.

Panjave Patshah Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji’s Ardaas to Waheguru Ji: “Sabhe ji sambhal apni mehar kar”

For peace in our hearts, families, places of worship, and the world

For more information call Nadia Dhillon of East-West Association of Sikh Women for World Peace at: (408) 924-6116 or email Dr. Erica Bains at sukhmani4worldpeace@gmail.com

Download the flyer here: worldpeaceday2022

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