We are sorry for the technical difficulties experienced during our 2021 MLK Day Service.

The MLK Day Service recording is available here:


Here’s the link to the recording from today’s MLK Day Service.  Zoom capped the meeting at 100, in spite of us paying extra to boost our cap to 500!  Please share this link with your friends who may have wanted to attend, and be sure to encourage them to give to the SOJA fund online to help us provide honorariums to our Preacher and Musicians.

We want to thank all of those who were a part of today’s program, especially our preacher, the Rev. Julius Van Hook, Interfaith Juvenile Chaplain.  Thanks to Jo Kerner, Kristina Martin and Rev. Lee Cruise of the Social Justice Alliance.  Thanks to Andrew Kodama of the Mt. Diablo Peace and Justice Center.  Thanks to Walnut Creek Mayor Kevin Wilks, for your welcome.  Thanks to Lonnie Bristow of SRV UMC for sharing your history with Dr. King and giving the invocation.  Thanks to all of our musicians, listed below!


Donate to the Event for us to be able to share an honorarium with our Preacher and Musicians.  Scroll down to the SOJA program!  https://tinyurl.com/MLKDayGiving