We are grieving at the horrible murder of George Floyd on the streets of Minnesota and the outbreak of chaos throughout our country in response to this awful event.  This is not an isolated incident and the unleashing of anger and protest is warranted. This festering disease of racial discrimination and police brutality demands resolution. We must face our history and vow to never repeat it. Each person must own this problem and seek to change it with their behavior. As the Interfaith Peace Project states “Each and every person living in this Country must take account of themselves and repent for any racism or bigotry they may harbor in their hearts. Otherwise, countless others will cry out, “I can’t breathe!”  Our pathway forward to heal is through empathy and understanding.


We support:

  • Rep. Barbara Lee’s proposal for a Racial Healing and Truth Commission so we can face our bigoted past

  • The Movement for Black Lives

  • Treating every human being with respect and dignity regardless of the color of their skin, their profession, gender, religion, or political affiliation.

Please print out the enclosed poster and post it at your home, car and business- BE THE CHANGE!


Download the flyer here:  Silence Is Not an Option Flyer