Please join us in the
#CaringContraCosta campaign!

The Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County is encouraging our members and congregations to join us in sharing this message with our friends and neighbors.

What can you and your congregation or small group do to make Contra Costa County a more caring, kind and compassionate place to live?  

  • Could you host an Interfaith program of some sort?
  • Would you like to create a service project that encourages others to “pay it forward?”
  • Is it possible for you and your friends to plan some “random acts of kindness” that make a difference in your part of the county?
  • What creative project could you organize with a small group of others to tackle something that’s been ignored for some time?

It doesn’t matter what you choose to do, as much as that you put your plan into action.  Then, you can encourage others to do so as well – like a friendly “coopetition” where we cooperate in a competition in doing acts of loving kindness and considerate service.

As you share your project, feel free to put the #CaringContraCosta hashtag or image on your flier or social media about your project!

Download the Square Image Download the Wide Image

If you want a sticker, come to our International Day of Peace program on Friday, September 21st at 6:30 pm at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian in Pleasant Hill (see below).  Or send us a donation online or by mail and we will send you a sticker and a bookmark.  

Each month, we will share a list of challenges to our membership to live into this message, and we will encourage each other with reports back from local religious and cultural leaders who make a difference in CCC!

  • September’s theme is International Day of Peace and being peacemakers wherever we are.
  • October’s theme will be the Rights of the Hungry and addressing hunger.

We can’t wait to see your reflections and actions using our hashtag #CaringContraCosta!  You can also share reports of your projects by emailing your reflections and events to and post them on our Community Calendar to share with others (there’s a Submit Your Event link at the bottom of our website!).

If you haven’t yet, you could invite us to schedule the Defusing Hatred Program.  If you have hosted that already, please consider scheduling the Everyday Peacemaking Program.  Other programs will be offered in upcoming months.

What event or project will you create?  Let’s make our neighborhoods more loving, caring and concerned for others!  More information will be coming soon!

#CaringContraCosta is an initiative of the Interfaith Council designed to nurture a positive, welcoming environment in the East Bay, and cultivate a culture of love, concern and kindness throughout the county that reshapes our public discourse. Please share #CaringContraCosta on your caring and compassion creating events that are shared with the broader community!

Do our words and actions speak welcome, inclusion, kind-heartedness and compassion here in Contra Costa County?

There are wonderful people living in our communities with incredible stories. These challenges will not only highlight amazing people throughout the East Bay, but also inspire us to make our community better for everyone!

Here are some of the themes we will use for our first year, but you can host an Interfaith Program, like our Everyday Peacemaking or Defusing Hatred programs, or create a diverse panel of religious leaders to discuss a topic of your choosing.

January– Poor People’s Campaign       July–                  Religious Freedom

February– Black History Month           August–            World’s Indigenous Ppls

March–     Women’s History Month      September–     Intl. Day of Peace

April–       Earth Day and Creation        October–           Rights of the Hungry

May–        Workers, Living Wages          November–      Homeless Awareness

June–       World Refugee Day                 December–       Criminal Justice Month

We can’t wait to see your reflections and actions using our hashtag #CaringContraCosta!  You can also share by emailing your reflections and events to and post them on our Community Calendar (there’s a Submit Your Event link at the bottom of our website!). 

Be sure to stay up-to-date with the #CaringContraCosta campaign and consider how you can participate by subscribing to our newsletter at