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Cook and share meals at Mt. View House Shelter

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Mt. View House Shelter has opportunities for Congregations to share meals with their homeless Clients.   (Updated dates available to serve.) The shelter is one of only two family shelters in Contra Costa that is for men, women and children. Please contact Martie Steinmetz, Site Coordinator of the Mt. View House Shelter (1391 Shell Avenue, [...]

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Monument Crisis Center Volunteer and Donation Needs

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Monument Crisis Center Volunteer and Donation Needs Hello Friends!  Happy New Year! We would love to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your generosity throughout this past year and especially this holiday season. Thank you for supporting Monument Crisis Center and for remembering us in your faith communities. [...]

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Volunteer or Give at CCIH

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Contra Costa Interfaith Housing  CCIH Opportunities for Involvement We need your help. Interested in helping run a summer day camp for one week? We are currently putting together summer programming for kids (toddler through middle school), and we need your help. Many of these kids are formerly homeless or very low-income. In [...]

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Beyond Genocide – Helping Yezidis and Assyrian Christians

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YEZIDIS AND ASSYRIANS. Efforts on behalf of the Yezidis, Assyrians, and other religious minorities who are currently being forced from their homes, their women and girls kidnapped and raped. Thousands have been murdered and more thousands now live in refugee camps. The Yezidis are a Kurdish people who share an ancient [...]

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Trinity Center Volunteer Opportunities

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+++  Help Trinity Center House up to 50 people this Winter! We are writing to ask for your support.  This year we're using to organize our  SignUps for our Evening Program at the Walnut Creek Armory.  We are seeking volunteers to cook, drive, work a shift as a floor monitor, prepare weekend [...]

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Just Serve – find a place to serve

By |2022-01-03T16:06:47-08:00January 29th, 2017|Donations, Volunteer|

Looking for a place to volunteer and serve?  Look no further than! Many of our congregations and clusters of friends have expressed a desire of finding a way to serve together and to serve locally. Members of the LDS community have created a program called Just Serve that was being rolled [...]

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