ICCCC launches ICARE!  (Interfaith Community Action REvitalization)

ICARE is a new program of the Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County (I4C) that creates opportunities for people of diverse religions, spiritual expressions and indigenous traditions to work together to improve the lives of people in our county who are in need. By linking volunteers with projects across the county, we work together to provide resources such as food, shelter, supplies and other forms of support for people in our community.  We do this by partnering with selected, local nonprofit organizations (see below the video). 

To participate in ICARE, two of our faith communities are invited to co-sponsor a project using Sign Up Genius.  Once a project has two co-sponsors, everyone from all faith communities can select a date and  project to work on together.

Before volunteering, you’re encouraged to attend our online orientation workshop below.  Please watch the first 20 minutes of this video. 

Join us in helping to measurably improve the lives of people in need in our community while building relationships and deepening your knowledge of people of other beliefs.

PICK A PROJECT with Sign Up Genius.  


Below is an example of an upcoming event we are planning for November.

However, they have current needs for these meals, so if we can get two congregations who are willing to cosponsor this project, we can open it up to all, Interfaith volunteers to do starting in September.

Download the flyer:  Reimagine Mental Health Care InvitationFinal8.8.20


Trinity Center and St. Paul’s Commons are ICARE partners where Interfaith Service Teams are able to serve and help provide the needs of our friends who are living without shelter, or staying in St. Paul’s Commons. There is a need for Breakfast Packs now, even during COVID-19. Please consider if you, a team from your congregation or friends can join an ICARE team to help provide these meals safely.

Successful Pilot Project information from Aug. 16th.

We recently ran a pilot project creating 530 hygiene kits for people living without shelter in our county.











We included WeCare messages like these in the kits we sent, to share some encouragement to those receiving them.











ICARE NonProfit Partners

Our nonprofit partners will be offering service opportunities for the Interfaith teams that sign up.  Please note that some won’t be available for in person volunteering until the health department precautions are lifted and project specifics may slightly change as the date approaches for planning the project.  In general, here are our nonprofit partners, the clients they serve and their general project needs:

  1. Contra Costa County Health Services – They have asked for our support in donating personal hygiene kits for distribution throughout the county.  This will be done as a pilot project and they have enough volunteers already.  We will continue to offer this project as long as the need is there.
  2. ICHANGE: Interfaith Chaplaincy Affirming a New Generation of Excellence –  We are working with Rev. Julius Van Hook, Interfaith Juvenile Chaplain at the Martinez Detention Facility and Orin Allen Boy’s Ranch in Byron to find new ways to support our county’s youth both while in detention and with after-care assistance and mentorship.  As the needs and ways to support ICHANGE become better defined, we will provide updates here.*
  3. Mt. View Family Shelter (run by Shelter, Inc.) – This is a homeless shelter for families with children. We are seeking to meet their needs for meals and supplies to support families in transition to permanent housing.  There may be ways for Interfaith teams to help collect needed items for the current participants, who have been there for the entire Shelter In Place.  Once the SIP order is lifted, we will need teams to provide food every day, or your group can take a week to provide food.  Check back for details as they develop.
  4. Trinity Center Walnut Creek – This is a well-established day shelter and advocacy for the homeless in Walnut Creek. We seek to support their needs in their mission.  As the project date approaches, they will give details of their needs at that time.
  5. Monument Crisis Center – A well-known and established nonprofit, they have asked for support with food drives including helping with the distribution of food to those in need in our county, and perhaps helping them expand their operations into East County.

Go to Sign Up Genius to cosponsor or sign up fo ra project.  Thank you for helping to improve the lives of people in need in our community while building relationships between our diverse communities of faith.


*  (If you are interested in joining this team, the first meeting of ICHANGE is Wednesday, August 26th at 5:00 pm online.  Email interfaithcccc@gmail.com for more information.)