Attend our orientation and learn how you can join the ICHANGE ministry of spiritual care and mentoring for justice-involved youth!

Wednesday, February 2, 2022      5:30-7:00 via ZOOM

The Interfaith Chaplaincy Affirming a New Generation of Excellence (ICHANGE) is a new initiative of the Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County, the Chaplaincy of Juvenile Hall, and community volunteers working in collaboration with the Juvenile Justice System, County and community organizations and services, and the young adults and families of Contra Costa County.

ICHANGE provides training in spiritual care and best practices in mentoring to caring, people of faith as they draw upon their own compassion, spirituality, and life lessons in supporting justice-involved youth.  Upon completion of training, each mentor is matched with a young adult and commits to a year of weekly meetings at Juvenile Hall, (located in Martinez) and in the community after youth has been released.

Our winter 2022 training will be offered in eight sessions beginning Sunday, February 6 and on Wednesdays (5:30-7:30) and Sundays (3:00-5:00) through Feb. 27 via Zoom.  Attendance is preferred, but independent study is available for most modules.  A required tour and orientation session will be held at Juvenile Hall, TBD.  Applicants must be 21 and complete Department of Probation screening.

For those not able to make a one-year commitment to mentoring, other opportunities to serve justice-involved youth are available and will be described at the orientation.

Contact Meg Keeley to register and more information    


ICHANGE provides training in spiritual care and mentoring to caring people of faith as they in draw upon their own compassion, spirituality, and life lessons and commit to support and assist justice-involved young adults with ongoing weekly contact and guidance for at least a year. 

Steps to becoming a mentor:

  •  Contact ICHANGE to register for Orientation and to receive application and screening forms

  •  Complete ICHANGE application and screening forms for Dept of Probation

  •  Attend orientation

  •  Participate in interview with ICHANGE staff leadership or in person

  •  Complete training sessions

  •  Receive Letter of acceptance, complete Interest Inventory

  •  Attend group sessions with youth at Juvenile Hall; complete Match Request

  •  Receive and accept match recommendation

  •  Meet at Juvenile Hall until mentee is released

  •  Meet in community until closure


Winter 2022 Training Schedule (updated 1/5/22)

The evidence-based foundations of our healing-centered spiritual care and mentoring offer caring adults the training and ongoing support they need to mentor justice-involved youth.

Due to Covid, all training will be offered by Zoom on Sundays (3:00-5:00) and Wednesdays (5:30-7:30) with options for independent study for some modules via recorded training sessions.

Feb 2           5:30-7:00          Orientation

Feb 6           3:00-5:00          Trauma-informed mentoring

Feb 9           5:30-7:30          Cultural sensitivity and responsiveness; strengths-based mentoring

Feb 13         3:00-5:00          Restorative justice practices and developing emotional intelligence

Feb 16         5:30-7:30          Challenges of reentry to community; community resources

Feb 23         5:30-7:30          Education and training opportunities; job search strategies and resources

Feb 27         3:00-5:00          ICHANGE policies and procedures; reporting requirements; getting started

Department of Probation volunteer training session and tour of Juvenile Hall TBD

ICHANGE is a new mentoring and spiritual care outreach program sponsored by:

  • the Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County
  • The Chaplaincy of Juvenile Hall
  • ICHANGE Committee Members
  • Community volunteers

In collaboration with the Juvenile Justice System, community-based organizations and services, and the youth and families of Contra Costa County.

Our Mission:  To provide justice-involved youth and young adults with the support and guidance of caring adults from the Interfaith community that will:

  • Offer healing-centered spiritual care that is culturally sensitive and responsive, trauma-informed, strengths-based, and grounded in restorative practices.
  • Guide youth as they develop critical reflection and social/emotional skills that will enable them to explore new possibilities, develop and fulfill their goals, and to avoid further justice involvement.
  • Assist youth in identifying their internal strengths and the external assets that will provide continuing support as they become responsible adults and contributing members of the community.

Our Goals:        To help young adults to develop:

Confidence:      A sense of self-worth and belief in their capacity to succeed

Character:        A connection to and an ability to embody personal principles and values

Caring:              Sympathy and empathy for others; commitment to community

Contribution:    Active participation and leadership that makes a positive difference

Competence:    The ability to act effectively in different settings

Connection:      A feeling of safety and belonging; positive bonds with people and social institutions


Join Us!        

For information on how to become an ICHANGE mentor, or to arrange a presentation for your congregation or organization contact:   Meg Keeley


Download the flyer to share here: ICHANGE Flyer 1-6-22