“Change your Clothes, Change the World”



Dear Faith Leader,

Thank you for your interest in Recycle For Change.

Recycle for Change’s mission is to fight worldwide poverty, to empower ordinary people to do the same, and to reduce carbon emissions and create a sustainable future for all.

You may have had a bad or negative experience in the past with clothing donation boxes.  The largest issue with these types of containers is the build-up of trash and junk.  The leading cause of this comes down to human nature.  The people who donate, often do not put the bag(s) in the container.  They place them outside of the box.  This leaves the area vulnerable to others who will sort through the bags of clothing and leave the rest scattered.  RFC will pick up the contents of the container along with any trash or junk nearby.  With your church’s help we can maintain a clean and effective program for clothing donations.

Here are some things you can do to help:

  1. Engage your congregation to help by asking a few members to “monitor” the receptacle. They could simply drive by daily to make sure all the donations are in the box and report to RFC if there is garbage or anything else which does not belong.
  2. This is a good project for your youth group. The kids could do the “monitoring” (with adult supervision).  Of course, anyone who does this should wear protective gloves.
  3. Have either the monitors, youth or others volunteers to go around to the congregation members homes to pick up the donations on a specific day/date and bring back to the box. You could even do this for your local community.

RFC can also place “No Dumping” signs near the receptacle.  We want to work with your church to ensure the container is maintained.

I would like to discuss this further with you.  Please call, text, or email me to schedule a phone appointment.

Wesley Stark

Business Development Manager

(510) 829-4747



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Outdoor Container – Measures: 3’W x 4’D x 7’2” H