An idea for working for the reunification of families separated at the border is a letter campaign begun by Judy Feins at Temple Isaiah in Lafayette.  Here’s a draft letter you can send to your elected leaders.

letter to faith groups re children-final

Dear _______________:

We are writing to you on behalf of a growing number of women from various churches, synagogues, mosques and temples.

We have been following the heartbreaking stories of immigrant/refugee children who have been separated from their parents, and, in many cases, imprisoned within our borders. We are appealing to our sisterhood of faith communities to contact local Senators and Congressman/Congresswomen on behalf of these children and their families.

We have been made aware of the deplorable conditions experienced by

these children, including housing in over crowded metal cages, freezing temperatures, lack of beds/blankets (they are sleeping under thin sheets of aluminum foil), space restrictions requiring some children to sleep standing propped up against walls,

inadequate and poor quality food and water, lack of medical care,  no clean clothes, or ability to wash or keep clean, and physical, sexual and emotional abuse by guards,  and neglect. Some of these children are infants and toddlers, and there are no adults caring for them.

Local and national news reporting,  including video footage and direct interviews, have served as witness to these inhumane conditions.

Many of these children have come across our border already traumatized by violence, loss,  and life-threatening conditions in their home countries. They are then re-exposed to trauma in transit and upon arrival at the border. Most of these children had no prior knowledge of the brutal conditions they would face, including traumatic separation from their parents/family members.

We believe that the women among us in the faith-based community share the goal of protecting children and fostering their healthy growth and development within their own families. Reuniting them with their parents/extended family will help them heal both physically and emotionally.

Please contact your legislators and urge them to support family reunification, as we hold true to the tenets of our respective faiths.

Thank you,

Another project here in the Bay Area is the Butterfly Effect.

There will be a procession of Butterflies in solidarity with this project at Hillcrest Congregational Church UCC in Pleasant Hill on Sunday, Nov. 17th at 10:30 am.

What is the Butterfly Effect: Migration is Beautiful Project?

The butterfly effect is the idea that a small change can lead to a much bigger change. 

Watch our KTVU News piece here!

The Butterfly Effect: Migration is Beautiful project is an art and activism project led by youth in the Bay Area. We are leading a movement to create a visual representation that will raise awareness about the 15,000 immigrant children who have been and are currently in US detention and to inspire our community to take action to end child detention permanently.

We are working with our community to make butterflies out of recycled and upcycled materials. Butterflies will be displayed on strings hanging from old bike wheels, and displayed in public institutions including libraries, hospitals, schools, and city halls to raise awareness of children in detention. 

We have exceeded our goal of making 15,000 butterflies!!!

We have decided that we will keep making butterflies until the children in detention are free.