Some of you have heard that the Westboro Baptist Church (famous for picketing religious and secular groups they disagree with) is planning to protest four congregations in Walnut Creek on Sunday morning, March 25th.

Yes, 4 members of their church will protesting and inciting near the four congregations. The congregations listed in the image are meeting about coordinating their responses. They ask that the community wait for their lead, which will be communicated here and at the home page of

It looks like they will also be targeting a school in Alamo that has welcomed a Trangender child on Tuesday the 27th as well, and the school is organizing a way to keep their hateful message from the children. In the mean

The police know about both days, and have been encouraging small responses rather than full blown counter protests that would give them what they are looking for – public conflict, more attention and possible lawsuits against the city for not protecting their ‘right to free speech.’

So, before organizing any counter protests, please wait until Tuesday night or Wednesday morning to make plans. That way the congregations can share what their approaches will be and we will communicate them at

and here on the ICCCC FB Page. Please honor their approaches, as they will have been well thought out with each of their denominations as well as together.